Laptop Sleeve - Cilligraphy Collection

  • Features neoprene foam padding layer and fluffy fleece fabric lining for bump and shock absorption and protection of your computer from accidental scratches.
  • Lightweight & Slim
  • Suitable for storage of pouch bag, mouse and earphone. This protective sleeve case cover bag is ideal for you to take your laptop out.
  • Slim and lightweight; does not bulk your laptop up and can easily slide into your briefcase, backpack, or other bag.
  • Special and unique artwork laptop sleeve bag to show your personality.
  • Compatible with laptop, iPad, notebooks, pens, stationary, ...etc
  • Top loading zipper
  • Water-Resistant light polyester
  • Featuring original artwork by leading Bahraini Artist and designer Leena Al Ayoobi
  • Dimensions:
  • 13 Inch: 33 x 24 x 2 cm
  • 15.6 Inch: 40 x 29 x 2 cm


We do the majority of our work on laptops, due to the latest transition to the digital world, it becomes our modern office. The modern office may be taken with you wherever you go. It's not so much that you leave the workplace as it is that you pack it up and carry it home. Your office is sometimes in the actual office, and other times it is in a neighboring coffee shop. Laptop sleeves are only one of many options for keeping your workplace secure as it travels. This emphasizes the importance of providing adequate protection for the gadget. It's just as crucial as having them. To keep your laptop safe, you'll need to decide on the right laptop sleeve bag. Laptop sleeves are designed to indicate a laptop bag without handles, despite the fact that the names are often used interchangeably. While a laptop sleeve can fit inside a laptop bag, they are designed to be form-fitting.

These top-loading laptop sleeve bags are ideal for everyday usage on a business trip, travel, and so on. Stylish laptop sleeves are also frequently considered as a fashion element that can enhance an individual or company's look. A designer laptop sleeve gives your laptop its own distinct look. When it comes to sleeves for laptop computers, there are no hard and fast regulations. They're usually constructed of thick, soft neoprene, a stretchy fabric that forms tight against the edges of your laptop to absorb impact. Felt laptop sleeves, while not as prevalent as neoprene, are a wonderful solution for consumers on a budget. These sleeves feature a traditional appearance and can provide single-layer protection with a soft finish. You should think about which one to choose based on the purpose. Leather laptop sleeves are ideal for use at work. Additionally, for special occasions, you can choose from a variety of customized laptop bags. For travel laptop backpacks are the best option.

Choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. A Herschel laptop case comes in a variety of innovative designs that are both durable and functional. The casing is composed of tough material and is custom-made to fit individual gadgets. They're made to keep your gadget safe from dents, scratches, and other damage. The soft internal compartment of the hard shell laptop sleeves is paired with the hard external surface. The laptop can be kept in or out of the inner pocket. They safeguard your gadget from all sides. 11-inch laptop sleeves are likely to include a fold-over closure due to the compact size of tablets and travel laptops. They're an excellent choice for consumers who wish to keep their device's small profile and light weight.

As the size of your laptop's sleeves grows, so does the number of possibilities available to you. The most common laptop sleeves are 13-inch laptop sleeves, which come in the most styles. A wide, zippered exterior pocket is common on 13-inch laptop sleeves, and some come with matching accessory bags made of the same fabric. The same concept applies to 15.6-inch laptop sleeves, another popular size.

Outer pockets on these sleeves are frequently large enough to hold full tablets or plus-sized cellphones. While pockets may not be necessary for your workflow, they help people who require additional tools to work or learn to pack up quickly. Attendees at weddings, birthday parties, reunions, graduation celebrations, and other key events could be given a customized laptop sleeve. It will only enhance the product's value as a keepsake by making it more personal.