Acrylic Block

  • Free-standing clear block adds an eye-catching pop to desks, tables, and shelves
  • (2 cm) thick solid acrylic block
  • Diamond cut sides provide a sharp image from any angle
  • Hand polished for a crystal clear finish
  • Featuring original artwork by leading Bahraini Artist and designer Leena Al Ayoobi 


The concept of picture frames dates back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks when “framing borders” were utilized in paintings on vessels and walls to divide scenes into portions. The wooden frame and the portrait within were discovered in an Egyptian tomb and were almost well preserved. The first economically practical production of acrylic safety glass, however, occurred in 1936, giving the history of photo frames a fresh twist. Acrylic glass, also known as acrylic photo block, is now commonly used as a substitute for regular glass in picture frames. This is owing to the fact that it is very inexpensive, lightweight, shatter-resistant, and attractive. Someone's favorite images are attached on a 1" thick Plexiglas block in an acrylic photo block.

The print will stand firm on any flat surface without the need for any additional support. The Acrylic Picture Frame with Magnetic is available in two colors: clear and transparent, and can be used as a single or double-sided frame. This frame can accommodate two photos side by side. Images can be shown in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. Clear Acrylic Self-Standing Frames are a stylish and cost-effective way to display newborn photos, family photos, postcards, ticket stubs, trade cards, currencies, awards, and other mementos. A personalized acrylic photo block allows you to write who each person is, where the photo was taken when it was shot, and the context around the photo on the back of the photo. Someone will always know who the individuals from their history are if they get lost among family artifacts.

Your photo can also be printed directly on the personalized acrylic block; to protect the image, the printed side can be coated with white vinyl. On one side, there are distinct grid lines that might assist you in planning and designing. It also makes it easier to position and apply the other blank sides. Acrylic photo frames with a basic style and no extra decorative border, similar to a wood frame, are excellent for both men and women. These clear acrylic blocks can be used for showcases, counters, at home, or any place else your creativity takes you, and they add an attractive touch to any object you place on top of them.

They provide better visibility and can fit into tight areas. To change your picture, slide the pieces apart. It is simple to clean and update with new photographs. Stamping projects such as stamping on cards, notebooks, journals, invitations, clipboards, stamps, and DIY are all possible with them. Concisely, an acrylic photo frame safeguards your photographs or artwork. Any decor or future event would benefit from a simple but modern design. For Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, it is also the ideal gift for your parents, friends, and sweetheart. Before sending the frame out, it is highly recommended that you include a memorable photograph in it.

Size: size: 21x14.8cm

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